Our philosophy


When It Comes To STEM Education, We Believe:

  • Every student deserves an ‘AHA!’ moment. Magic exists in connecting the dots for students and is the spark for all other discovery.

  • Students should QUESTION everything. Discovery is built upon asking why until a learner reaches the first principles of a phenomenon.

  • The goal is APPLIED knowledge. Students should be taught how to apply their knowledge to solve the new, ever changing problems of the 21st century.

  • Better products are built through better RELATIONSHIPS. Solving the hard problems found in STEM requires that people work together.

  • True understanding comes from LIVED experience. There is no better education than real world experience. Context combined with knowledge deepens learning and builds empathy.

  • Diversity doesn’t just make the WORLD better, but cooler. Our differences have far too long impeded the path. It’s time our differences become the path.